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The Arabic word might be ultimately from Greek barbaria.

The OED barbarous entry summarizes the semantic history.

In Aramaic, Old Persian and Arabic context, the root refers to "babble confusedly".

It appears as barbary or in Old French barbarie, itself derived from the Arabic Barbar, Berber, which is an ancient Arabic term for the North African inhabitants west of Egypt.

However, in various occasions, the term was also used by Greeks, especially the Athenians, to deride other Greek tribes and states (such as Epirotes, Eleans, Macedonians, Boeotians and Aeolic-speakers) but also fellow Athenians, in a pejorative and politically motivated manner.

Plato (Statesman 262de) rejected the Greek–barbarian dichotomy as a logical absurdity on just such grounds: dividing the world into Greeks and non-Greeks told one nothing about the second group, yet Plato used the term barbarian frequently in his seventh letter.

From this period, words like barbarophonos, cited above from Homer, came into use not only for the sound of a foreign language but also for foreigners who spoke Greek improperly.

In the Greek language, the word logos expressed both the notions of "language" and "reason", so Greek-speakers readily conflated speaking poorly with stupidity.

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The earliest attested form of the word is the Mycenaean Greek The Greeks used the term barbarian for all non-Greek-speaking peoples, including the Egyptians, Persians, Medes and Phoenicians, emphasizing their otherness, because the language they spoke sounded to Greeks like gibberish represented by the sounds "bar..;" this is how they came to the word βάρβαρος, which is an echomimetic or onomatopoeic word.Further changes occurred in the connotations of barbari/barbaroi in Late Antiquity, when bishops and catholikoi were appointed to sees connected to cities among the "civilized" gentes barbaricae such as in Armenia or Persia, whereas bishops were appointed to supervise entire peoples among the less settled. He stated that the word barbarian was "made up of barba (beard) and rus (flat land); for barbarians did not live in cities, making their abodes in the fields like wild animals".Eventually the term found a hidden meaning through the folk etymology of Cassiodorus (c. From classical origins the Hellenic stereotype of barbarism evolved: barbarians are like children, unable to speak or reason properly, cowardly, effeminate, luxurious, cruel, unable to control their appetites and desires, politically unable to govern themselves.Give you something like you've never had Cus I only wanna be wanted by you I wanna tease you till you're begging me And you're on your knees And it's hard to breathe And every other time is just a memory Cus I only wanna be wanted by you Now I'm going crazy I'm tired of waiting My lips are on fire I just want you to know I'm losing my patience For the time that you've wasted Put your lips on my mouth Put your lips on my mouth Put your lips on my.I wanna wear my hair up in a mess Cut off jeans, can you get with that?

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