Who is andrew bird dating

Also, is this whole thing (having a sexual affair) a good idea?"She asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere" Again, it's what you do when you invite a guy to your place, i.e., anywhere you want is fine; no big deal).In 1987 on a work trip to Norway, I cut a small branch off a tree stripped the bark. The best comment on this entire was by Andrew from Philadelphia, who advises everyone to listen to the lyrics more closely.

"This bird had flown" has a double meaning referring to the girl having left the apartment and also that the man's marijuana cigarette had finished.John had said, and I believe it's true, that he was speaking about all of the affairs he had that his wife didn't know about.I think he felt guilty and wanted to confess, but knew he could not, so he did the next best thing, wrote a song about it!"I sat on the rug (the floor), biding my time, drinking her wine." The girl offers him some cheap wine and they talk. Also, the girl is probably waiting for him to make some kind of an advance, but he doesn't because he is unsure/nervous about the whole thing. Then, I find it very interesting that this is the only place in the song where there is a musical interlude."We talked until 2 (a.m., because they are nervous, and trying to get to know one another at least a little, so it won't feel so much like a one night stand, or that you're going to bed with a stranger), and then she said, it's time for bed". I think this is where they are having sex, but he obviously cannot say that, so music is playing instead, courtesy of the wonderfully talented George!

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