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What I discovered instead, was photo after photo of her pouting into a lens — often with one hand holding the camera at arm’s length, the other hand on her hip — in a pose far too suggestive for her tiny frame and tender years.I had to go back an awfully long way to find a photograph of either of my two elder daughters where it was me holding the camera — and not them doing some self-styled portrait shot of their best Victoria Beckham pout.But while I can understand why someone famous might want to present a more candid image of themselves to their adoring public, I have no idea why my daughters and their peers feel the need to post endless sultry images of themselves looking miserable on social media sites.It seems a little vain at best — concerningly self-obsessed at worst. You have only to look at a few Facebook profiles to see that none of them upload good, old-fashioned ‘say cheese’-type photographs any more.For these celebrities, it appears to be something of a self-promoting exercise with the aim of proving to the world that they can look ‘normal’.They take photos of themselves out and about, having breakfast, even in the bath.I can remember the poor school photographer — and it was the same man every year — visibly groaning when it was my turn to have my picture taken.With unsightly dental braces and a slightly wonky eye, I had such a loathing of the camera (and still do).

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"It's my company and I'm kind of the pioneer of VR porn, so this has been incredibly empowering for me," she says.

Once we taught that to them, we just said to them treat this like a standard POV shoot."Ela Darling wants to open up virtual reality pornography to a wider market of content producers.

Access to virtual reality filming equipment is currently limited, and restricts lone performers from taking part.

‘And what they are all opting for is this slightly sexualised posing where perhaps they don’t always fully understand the broader implication.

"The lack of eye contact makes [the performer] appear distant for a sexual encounter – but there is also something sexy about that," says male porn performer Xander Corvus, "in the way a glory hole is sexy."Virtual reality is changing pornography.

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