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From January 1915 to March 1919 the Abbey was turned into a voluntary hospital, Hôpital Auxiliaire 301, operated by Scottish Women’s Hospitals(SWH), under the direction of the French Red Cross.

On arrival the staff found that the buildings were in a deplorable condition.

The work load for the hospital was just unbearable, with most of the staff dragging themselves from day to day.

During her time in Salonika Ruth also witnessed and assisted in saving of lives in what was know as the great fire of Thessaloniki in August of 1917 when nearly a third of the city went up in flames.

Perhaps the most challenging time at Salonika was in the summer of 1916.

Evelyn left the unit in July 1916 and returned home. Date of Bith: 1890Place of Birth: New Jersey, America According to US Census returns of 19 for NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, Ailsa was born in New York in 1890.

She was the daughter of Scottish parents, James and Sarah.

The hospital was situated near the front line and nursed 10,861 patients, many with serious injuries.

The fact that the death rate among the mainly French servicemen was 1.82% is a testimony to the skill, endless compassion and boundless energy shown by the women.

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