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"I don't think it's a complete surprise," Mc Neish said. the management team would step up and make some adjustments given the wonderful assets that this company had." While other retailers had reinvested in their bricks-and-mortar operations and revamped their e-commerce offerings, Sears Canada instead sold off assets in order to pay off creditors.

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"It is not a shock to many Sears employees." Indeed, few people were surprised by the news because it was such a long time in coming.Please use the form below to refine and maximize search results.For information about the data provided, please review the Disclaimer statement.This news comes at a time when sports apparel is growing in popularity thanks to "athleisure" — a fashion trend in which people wear athletic clothes outside of a gym setting, like at the office or while shopping.As a result, long-standing athletic brands and retailers are struggling to reach consumers who are increasingly turning to the web to make their fashionable purchases.

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