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The RLP Product provides You with minimum financial responsibility limits as outlined in the applicable motor vehicle financial responsibility laws of the state of California.The RLP Product will apply to third party accident claims that result from bodily injury, including death, and property damage that arise from the use or operation of Vehicle as permitted in this Agreement. The purchase of the RLP Product is not required in order to rent a vehicle.Vehicle Selection: Any vehicles that You select to rent are representative only and do not indicate the type of vehicle You will receive.Even if You select a specific type of vehicle, You may be allocated a vehicle of a different type, which is not substantially smaller than and seats no fewer persons than the vehicle of Your original choosing.Unless it is provided in connection with certain types of reservations, a rate quote You receive is merely indicative of the rates then being offered and creates neither legal rights nor practical expectations of vehicle availability or the continued applicability of the quoted rate.

Optional Features: If You request optional features such as four wheel drive, the cost of these features will be refunded if they are not available on Your vehicle. Rates and Quotes: Vehicle rental rates vary considerably from location to location and from time to time, and they change very frequently.The RLP Product IS provided under individual policies issued to you, or issued to you under a group or master policy issued to the provider by an insurer authorized to transact the applicable insurance business in the State of California.THE FOLLOWING IS A SUMMARY ONLY AND IS SUBJECT TO ALL PROVISIONS, LIMITATIONS, EXCEPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS OF THE RLP POLICIES WHICH HAVE BEEN OFFERED TO YOU.(l) Losses arising out of any obligation for which You or Your insurer may be held liable under any workmen’s compensation, unemployment compensation or disability benefits law, or under any similar law;[______] By initialing here, You acknowledge You have been verbally advised that the purchase of optional insurance products is not required to rent the Vehicle and that (i) optional insurance products may provide coverage that duplicates coverage provided by Your personal automobile liability policy or by another source of coverage; (ii) Provider is not qualified to evaluate the extent of Your existing auto liability coverage; and (iii) optional insurance products are provided under individual policies issued to You, or issued to You under a group or master policy issued to the Provider by an insurer authorized to transact the applicable insurance business in the State of California.You should check with your insurance company, or credit card issuer, to find out about your coverage and the amount of the deductible, if any, for which you may be liable.Further, if you use a credit card that provides coverage for your potential liability, you should check with the issuer to determine if you must first exhaust the coverage limits of your own insurance before the credit card coverage applies.

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