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Gee Lee was a Chinese cook at the wool scourers on Caroline sheep station on the Burenda run, in the Warrego district.

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Jacky Whitton was hanged at the Toowoomba Gaol at 8 a.m. 6), on the 2nd January, 1870, feloniously and with malice aforethought, killed and murdered one Patrick Hartnett." On the morning of Monday, 3 January 1870, three lads who were rowing down the Brisbane River discovered the dead body of a man lying on a ledge of mud-covered rocks, about ten yards from an old boat-shed, near the residence of Mr. The body was quite naked, and had a rope around the neck, and some stones tied in front of the body.He was hanged at Toowoomba Gaol on 29 August 1870, at 8 a.m. Her husband followed her, starting a row with Malone, striking him in the face, after which Malone beat him in return. Cusack went home, and on the following morning, her dead body was found in her bed. 4; Victoria Government Gazette, Friday, 2 September 1870, p.Shortly before his execution, he confessed to several robberies committed in in 18. 44-45; The Brisbane Courier, Wednesday, 29 December 1869, p. The face was black and the whole of the body was one mass of bruises. Cusack was convicted of murder at the Criminal Session of the Supreme Court at and was sentenced to death on 15 August 1870. 1302)August Tepfar, "an honest, quiet, inoffensive man" of German descent, had been working for wages in the claim of Messrs.Smith asked his son to accompany him to the police, where he was arrested and charged with murder. 1169)On 12 January 1869, at about 2 p.m., the report of a gun was heard by John Smith, a mining manager, at St. When he reached the spot from where he had heard the shooting, he found Amos Cheale lying on the ground. These letters were read in court, and in them the crime was acknowledged, and a rambling statement made of real or supposed injuries received from Cheale.He was convicted at the Criminal Sessions of the Supreme Court at on 16 July and was sentenced to death on 21 July 1870. Cheale was just able to say that Andrew Vair had shot him. Vair had warned Cheale several times that he would kill him, and had asked him what he would do with a man that robbed him of all his property.

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