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Then, in August 2008, a military coup removed the democratic government and installed a junta that favored "a return to tradition." An election in July kept the junta in power, despite claims of massive vote-rigging.

Now big women are back in vogue, and the custom of funneling rich food into young girls like geese farmed for foie gras is once again thriving unchecked.

To the ancient Moors, a fat wife (much like fat livestock) was a symbol of a man's wealth, proof that he had enough riches to feed her generously while others perished in the drought-prone terrain.For further information about fat-biking at Silver Star Mountain Resort, please contact the Guest Services Desk at or at (250) 558-6019.Join us every Sunday afternoon, and Tuesday & Thursday evenings throughout the season for a fun and challenging (at your level!The history of fat-bikes begins in the late 1980s when regular bikes were modified to allow racers to compete in the ) race in Alaska.About the same time bikes were being modified in the Southern US to ride the deserts in New Mexico.

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    Speaking on his expulsion from the school, he said: Because he had dyslexia, Keanu Reeves excelled more in sports than in academics, becoming a successful ice hockey goalie at one of his schools, earning the nickname “The Wall.” He has often mentioned that he once dreamed of playing ice hockey for Canada, but an injury ended his career.