Dating your father

Corey’s approach begins with building trust-based relationships, which lead to talent solutions that support the four pillars of the company’s talent strategy: Attract, Develop, Retain, Grow.

Here you are, after hours of sourcing, screening candidates, aggressively rubbing your forehead in frustration, and finally the gem that you’ve scoured the earth for appears!Recruiting and dating are very similar – both are relationships that evolve through a process based on a value proposition, qualifications, trust…etc.Here are a few points to help you understand the similarities so you can explain the recruiting-as-dating metaphor without sounding absolutely crazy.One of the best ways for me to gain an understanding and commitment from the hiring team, in order to deliver a top-notch experience: I relate recruiting to dating.First, it always catches the audience’s attention and generates some laughs because dating is awkward.

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