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Throughout the fall and winter terms, the Department of Chemistry is pleased to host a series of lectures delivered by guest speakers/visiting professors.

Unless otherwise noted, fall lectures will take place on a Friday from to pm in the Tory building, Room 238.

Michael Johnston, Health Canada Lecture Title: Parameters affecting protein nanoparticle properties when fabricated with human serum albumin expressed in Oryza sativa Host: Dr Maria De Rosa Date: Friday, October 6 Presenter: Prof. Miller, University of Wisconsin Lecture Title: Cyanobacteria (“Blue- Green Algae”) Toxins and Bioactive Peptides in Lakes and Drinking Water Host: Dr Maria De Rosa Date: Friday, October 20 Presenter: Dr.

Yves Aubin, Health Canada Lecture Title: Application of NMR Techniques to Characterize Protein Structures of Biotherapeutics Host: Dr David Miller Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2104 Canal Building at 10am Presenter: Prof. Barton, California Institute of Technology Lecture Title: Signaling through DNA Host: Dr Maria De Rosa Date: Friday, November 3 Presenter: Prof.

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These areas make use of new process technologies as well as more traditional unit operations found in chemical engineering such as reactors, dryers, packed beds and distillation towers to develop and manufacture new and innovative products.

Moreover, with the advent of accessibility to faster computer technology, process modelling, simulation and control have become an important integral part of Chemical Engineering studies and research at Ryerson University.

Paul Ma, Senior Director of Process Engineering at Applied Materials, Cornell University Lecture Title: To be announced Host: Sean Barry Date: Friday, March 9 Presenter: Prof.

Marcel Nooijen, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo Lecture Title: To be announced Host: Toby Zeng Date: Friday, March 16 Presenter: Prof.

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