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Some people felt totally enlightened by it, and some people felt it stigmatized the business and the industry. In the new series, we wanted to show that there are many stories in the porn industry.How did you incorporate the feedback about the original Hot Girls Wanted into the series?Were you able to find porn that felt like it was designed with your desires in mind? It is beautiful to look at, and it feels like people are hot for each other in her stuff.I feel like X Art does some really good stuff, and Angie Rowntree and Colin Rountree at We wanted to show where there was dark, there was also light.How did you become interested in the subject of porn?

People had a very strong reaction to it, good and bad.

Was there a larger question you wanted to explore as you made the series?

Jones: Thing we are so interested in is self-empowerment versus self-objectification.

But I felt a strong connection to Hot Girls because it felt like the girls that were featured in the movie got some indirect message that this is a line to being famous, and that porn was a good option for them to get from point A to point B.

I think that many people within the industry felt like the movie marginalized and further stigmatized sex work, which was not our intention at all.

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