Accomodating eye lens

Your eye doctor and/or cataract surgeon can evaluate the health of your eyes during your comprehensive eye exam prior to surgery to determine if you have any non-cataract-related eye problems that may affect your vision after cataract surgery.

[Learn why an All About editorial board member and former cataract surgeon decided against presbyopia-correcting IOLs for his own cataract procedure.] For the best visual outcomes with multifocal IOLs, the exact placement of the lens inside the eye is critical — even more critical than when a standard monofocal IOL is used.

You may be better served with standard monofocal IOLs for optimal distance vision — even though this means you will need bifocals, progressive lenses or reading glasses to see clearly up close.

Also, if you have a pre-existing visual condition other than cataracts that affects your vision in one or both eyes (macular degeneration, for example), you typically will be happier with standard monofocal IOLs rather than multifocal IOLs, which require good visual capability in both eyes for best results.

Perhaps the most important factor in determining if you are a good candidate for multifocal IOLs is your willingness to accept some compromise in the clarity of your distance vision for the convenience of being less dependent on computer glasses and/or reading glasses after cataract surgery.

If you're not willing to accept this type of compromise, or your occupation requires that you have the best possible distance vision at all times or excellent night vision — for example, if you are a pilot or someone who spends a lot of time driving in unfamiliar areas at night — then you probably are not a good candidate for multifocal IOLs.

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Another option is to use a multifocal IOL in one eye, and another type of presbyopia-correcting IOL called a Crystalens accommodating IOL in the other eye to take advantage of the unique benefits of each of these premium IOLs to expand your range of clear vision without glasses.

Upgrading to a laser-assisted procedure will likely increase your overall cost of cataract surgery.

Your eye doctor and/or cataract surgeon can advise you of these costs during your preoperative eye exam and surgical consultation.

This improves a driver's vision of the road ahead at night, the company says.

But this also means near vision may not be as crisp with the Re STOR lens in low light as it is in bright light conditions.

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