A caribbean mystery 1983 online dating

Rosemary Barton, the beautiful wife of a top attorney, dies during their anniversary party at an exclusive restaurant.

Later a suicide note is found along with traces of cyanide in her drink, but murder cannot be ruled out.

I t was an intriguing touch to have the dead person's spirit supposed to come back after nine days to get revenge.

MURDER IS EASY asks: Can a computer catch a killer?Later this movie will be like a friend and just need watching again.A boring vacation turns into another spellbinding adventure for intrepid elderly sleuth Miss Jane Marple.Every day seems the same in the warm West Indies sunshine – until Major Palgrave dies, suddenly thrusting Miss Marple into a most exotic murder investigation.Brilliantly read by the actress who played Miss Marple in the PBS and A&E productions.

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    Macon found himself stranded on the race course, unable to return to his hotel.